Technology – Changing our lifestyles?

I guess the answer for my question is an obvious one, a ‘YES’. Its inevitable and everybody knows that. I’m not complaining about it, I just miss the old times I should say…

With lesser technology-development, I think life was always more peaceful and simple. I’m not against “development”, but surely I hate the change in everyone. I keep telling my friends as well, a simple thing like ‘e-mail’ is getting outdated with time, not many use it with all the ‘social networking sites’ and ‘IM’ in full-swing. That was just an example. I really miss those, those old times. I want to go back, probably to the late 19th century and live my life there, live my dreams.

You know, its like, change is good and we all are advancing into future, THAT IS FINE, but all I want is that people should at least remain the same. Its actually really complicated to explain but I guess some of you out there can understand what I’m talking about.

One of my favourite spots…

Bangalore has become so hot this summer that I’ve got no mood to go out of my home. Yet when I look at trees and feel the air, I just feel like going out. And finally while driving in the evening, today en route to my home I diverted and thought about going into the Bangalore University campus.

It is such a beautiful place, filled with trees, birds and so many other things. I just love smelling the air which was hot due to sunlight, was carrying the essence of leaves and flowers. Even the sunset appeared to be so captivating – rays finding a way in between those cluttered leaves on trees.

I just realized that even smallest of small things give us pleasure and make us feel good when we provide ourselves a little bit of free time. One thing is for sure and that is ‘nature is filled with beauty‘, all we have to do is realize and see it.

Bangalore’s clear-blue sky, hot air, sunset , all seemed to fit in place when I’d gone there. And walking down those roads will just make you feel so relaxed or so I did. I’d say it was the perfect setting to dream(haha…). I’ll soon post pictures of that place and I’m sure you will know why I love that place and its all-time serene atmosphere.

Why feel bad that YOU are feeling insecure… (well, that’s just normal).

Insecurity is a part of life. The usual cause why people feel insecure is because of not knowing what would happen to them the next day, next second – their future. But, suppose one knew what would be happening with him/her, then would that person allow that to happen, especially if that’s something bad.

Wait! Let’s try to imagine, shall we? Simple things like our behaviour with others, the actions that we would possibly do…will all change. Someone has told that our actions today will have an impact on the results following the action, so everyone will start controlling/restricting their actions. The reason is quite simple, because everyone wants to be the best – that’s when competition begins. And slowly as things go by a fear gets induced in us – fear of being the average. We are the authors of our book(life) and the best part is actually not knowing what could possibly happen in our future. What I’ve noticed is that people exist but have forgotten to live their life. It could be because of a lot of reasons as far as my understanding of the subject is that simple life is not something many fancy about rather it actually surprises me when I see some, who yearn for a stereotyped life.

Nevertheless I frankly admit that many times, in my life being aged just 17 even I’ve felt insecure over small things like, not being rich, not being able to be the best at a few things, not having a girlfriend and the list goes on…

Simple things like, when I see another student who is a better academic performer than me, I feel insecure wondering if I’m up to any good at all. I guess that is quite natural for anyone to feel like that, but that is when I make it a point to remind myself that even I’m special and can do things that he/she probably can’t even imagine.

But the good thing about all of it is that I’ve learnt something every time I’ve felt insecure and low, that something which has given me hope and courage to lift my head and face what is bothering me. You know, there’s always a first for everything.

I guess I’m just old enough to realized that sometimes life throws up difficult situations and one should stand up to that (giving up life and giving up in life would be the most stupid thing if you would ask me).

Its just that once we learn seeing the beauty in everything there would be endless happiness, not to forget your cheeks going up. An optimist would probably say that life gives more than it can take and a pessimist would say that life takes more than what it can give. So ultimately IT IS YOU who has to decide what to do and how to see your life and think about living it or maybe just existing as a part of human species and missing out simple, joyous things/actions.

terra incognita

I do not write often, but what I’ve noticed is that when I write, I feel better. Life goes on, whether you want it or not, but there are times when you are so confused, having no idea about the direction in which your life is taking. I think I feel the same way.

Sometimes it freaks me out and some of my friends do tell me that I should allow time to take over and that I’ll feel better, but I’m not sure of it. The ‘terra incognita’ feeling is a complicated one and as I do not know much about it, I have a very insecure feeling about it. If there is some advice that I could receive from you regarding this, I’d be thankful to you. 🙂

Time trap….

The other day I was walking down the road, the one that was very familiar to me, I’d have been there about a hundred times, yet something felt strange and unfamiliar. I just realized how much time had moved on. I know that its not advisable to regret but, couldn’t help doing it. I’d become really busy with my stuff and couldn’t spend some time on doing things that I would like to.

A lot of people don’t enjoy their lives when they have the chance to. I was like that too, but I don’t want to be like that anymore, so I’m spending a lot of time nowadays in doing things that gives me pleasure, one being writing in my blog. As many say, its just one life, so what’s the point in being alive if one doesn’t wanna live life? It just becomes meaningless. I believe that life is something special and it is obviously meant to enjoy.

I’m writing after a long time and really don’t know what to say, just that I’m really happy with myself. I’m having a wonderful time, wish you the same.

Beauty of Language…… :) :) :)

Hmm… As we all know Language is very vital for our survival. 😀 Its just more awesome when we think about it. It is the key, for expressing our feelings, thoughts, ideas and LITERALLY everything. It plays a wonderful role in our lives… 😀

I personally LOVE English, than any other language, but that doesn’t mean that I hate other languages. I don’t because, every language has its own taste. 🙂

Well, I don’t know how many of you have the habit of talking to yourselves, but, that’s something I love to do. When you are happy, sad, depressed etc etc etc… talking to yourself helps a lottttttt… And, one can know what he truly is. TRUST ME, IT BRINGS IN A GOOD CHANGE IN YOU.. 🙂 You’ll start enjoying and loving  your life, when you feel that change… 🙂


HEY, never be alone, if people don’t come, talk to you, YOU GO, TALK TO THEM and be their friend… 🙂